Web Series

Web series Program Chopped Liver; EAST; Freakishly Normal; Juice Truck; Kismet; Kristal Clear

  • Shannon Plumb, Sana Schoenfeld, Eva Sippel, Mecca White, Tayler Robinson, Joshua Demers
  • 100 minutes
  • Unrated
  • Chopped Liver
    Chopped Liver is a series of comic shorts shot on VHS. Following in the tradition of Carol Burnett, Monty Python, and Saturday Night Live Shannon Plumb puts together a timely variety show. In the past, Plumb has worked alone performing all her own characters. Now, in this episodic journey, she explores the interactions of the comic duo. The first episode revolves around themes of Love and Attraction. Plumb invites Gabe Fazio to play with her in this series of zany, surreal and poignant skits.

    When Ella gets fired from her high-powered job, she decides to pursue her dreams of being an actress. Set in the heart of New York City's entertainment industry, EAST is an inside look into the industry from all angles - the newbie, the studio exec, the Oscar-winning director, the agent, the assistant, the starlets. With a colorful cast of characters and multiple storylines, East is an ensemble dramedy that explores the exciting and gritty world of entertainment and what it really takes to make your dreams a reality.

    Freakishly Normal
    Freakishly Normal is a charming modern-day dramedy, following four middle-aged moms as they navigate the ups and downs of everyday life in sunny Burbank, California. Through marriage, motherhood and mortgages, and with the help of a lot of white wine spritzers, they break through the ordinary to celebrate the extraordinary and discover a life that is Freakishly Normal.

    Juice Truck
    Three socially awkward women work in Santa Monica California for a fresh pressed juice truck. When a rival juice truck, run by a group of Swedish models, comes to the beach our awkward girls are overwhelmed by the competition and lose all their customers. The girls navigate a plan to get back their beach, their customers, and the confidence they never really had in the first place.


    Kismet is a scripted web series about Long Island native, Becky Berkowitz, and her Jewish matchmaking company. The show delves into her quest to secure her own destiny in Los Angeles, by controlling everyone else's. Watch one woman's relentless journey to becoming the chosen matchmaker for the chosen people.

    Kristal Clear
    Kristal Clear, Directed by Joshua Demers is a high-concept web series about an internet celebrity (“selfie queen”) who wakes up after a night of partying to discover that she's become invisible. Kristal Hasting is a young social media celebrity and beauty vlogger. She’s fun, charming, resourceful, and all about keeping up appearances. Kristal is estranged from her identical twin sister Kyle, a brilliant PhD student and budding young physicist. Kyle is dry and sarcastic and isn’t afraid to call Kristal on her BS. Though it’s like looking in a mirror, the twins couldn’t be more different. While Kyle looks into a possible cure for the invisibility, Kristal’s priority is her social media image. The last thing she wants is for people to find out she’s contracted some strange invisibility curse. She has a life to protect – vlog, reputation, fiancé, frenemies and followers. Which means that Kyle has to come out of her shell and step into Kristal’s shoes from time to time. Meanwhile, Kristal will learn who truly SEES her – resulting in situations both honest and hilarious. Things eventually take a more serious turn, when Kyle discovers there may be dire consequences if Kristal remains invisible. Will the sisters come together and save the day— or will Kristal fade away entirely?


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