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Enjoy the following Web Series shorts: The Story We Want, Riding the D with Dr. Seeds, The Charlie Orange Show, Women of the Sea, OHNI Case Files

  • 100 minutes
  • The Story We Want

    Dayna Reggero traveled across America to listen to ordinary women who are confronting fossil fuel industries, climate change impacts, and a culture of extraction. These unsung heroes are doing research, planting seeds of hope, and inspiring people across the country to share their stories, take action, and find solutions. The courageous women featured share personal stories of the real-life impacts of pollution and climate change on their families.

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    Riding the D with Dr. Seeds

    'Riding the D with Dr. Seeds' is an unhinged female-driven comedy series that follows Dr. Seeds, a non-licensed psychiatrist with a dark past, who, after losing touch with reality, stalks the NYC subway system to find new patients and grow her underground practice.

    The Charlie Orange Show

    Da Ali G Show meets Girls Behaving Badly. The Charlie Orange Show is a hidden camera, woman on the street series that exposes society’s deepest flaws through the eyes of three drastically different characters. We follow them as they face pressures about body image, marital status and acceptable public behavior.

    Women of the Sea

    Wonder Women docuseries episode two “Women of the Sea”. For centuries, the Ama free divers of Japan have plunged into icy waters to depths of 50 feet without air tanks to retrieve shellfish to feed their families. Today, a pair of women in their eighties are among the last practitioners of this endangered tradition.

    OHNI Case Files

    OHNI Case Files is a medical docuseries about the surgical team at Osborne Head and Neck Institute. Each episode tells a unique story about the doctors and the patients they treat. In the first episode, The OHNI team faces the difficult decision of how to treat a young woman who discovers a tumor in her parotid gland while she is in the second trimester of her pregnancy. The surgeons must treat this potentially cancerous growth without harming the patient or her baby.

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