His style is instantly recognizable, his art greatly sought after, and his vision admired all over the world: Colombian legend Fernando Botero is, without a doubt, one of the greatest living artists today. An intensely avid learner and private person, he has never made much mention of his start in provincial Medellín and how he educated himself travelling through Europe - a past that allowed him to pave his way to eventually become El Maestro. In Botero, director Don Millar offers a poetic chronicle of the painter’s life and art. Shot in 10 different cities all over the world, the film digs deep into Botero’s roots to follow his ascent to the pinnacle of the art world, where he has secured himself a permanent position.

  • Fernando Botero
  • Don Millar
  • Don Millar, Hart Snider
  • 82 minutes
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