He became known the world over in the late 90s as an original member of legendary Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club, but Eliades Ochoa’s passion for his country’s musical heritage led him to pursue a life dedicated to music much earlier than that: he began by playing his guitar in the streets of Eastern Cuba, then joined a slew of folk groups, until finally the success of Buena Vista Social Club came along. Spreading his love for traditional Cuban folk music was always Ochoa’s main goal, and that love shines through in this new documentary, that narrates his story pulling together rare pictures, archive material and new interviews, preserving not only his incredible journey, but the richness of the musical heritage of his country for generations to come.

  • Benicio Del Toro, Silvio Rodriguez, Nick Gold, Omara Portuondo, Adalberto Alvarez, Juan De Marcos Gonzalez, Charlie Musselwhite, Cesar ''Pupy Pedroso
  • Cynthia Biestek
  • Ian Padron, Rolando Almirante
  • 100 minutes
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