It’s family vacation time for Buenos Aires psychiatrist couple Lucrecia and Pedro and their teenage kids Julian and Florencia, and that means setting out on a road trip to the Brazilian resort of Florianópolis. Lucrecia and Pedro are contemplating a drastic change in their relationship, but not before going back to a place where they once experienced a romantic getaway - just at a time when their own offspring are ready to explore adult relationships of their own. Florianopolis Dream is a comic tale of first love, past lovers, fateful encounters, and fleeting joys. Filmmaker Ana Katz demonstrates a powerfully confidence in portraying the complexities of female experiences and family dynamics with empathy, care and warmth.

  • Mercedes Morán, Gustavo Garzón, Marco Ricca, Andrea Beltrao, Manuela Martinez, Joaquín Garzón, Caio Horowicz
  • Ana Katz
  • Ana Katz, Daniel Katz
  • 106 minutes
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