Gigantes is a restless, bold, fast-paced tale of brotherhood and rivalry, told as only the Spanish can. In the midst of its seedy, loud, and overflowing streets, Abraham Guerrero (Jose Coronado) opens up shop, teaching his three sons Daniel, Tomás and Clemente the ropes along the way. As leaders of the drug business within Spain, and the main distributors of cocaine throughout Europe, the Guerrero’s enormous power and hold over huge parts of European society is to be navigated with cunning precision, especially now that the oldest brother Daniel is out of prison again, and ready to make up for the 9 years he spent locked up. But with police watching Daniel more closely than ever, his every move could put everything he is fighting for in danger.

  • José Coronado, Isak Férriz, Daniel Grao, Carlos Librado Nene , Yolanda Torosio, Sofia Oria
  • Enrique Urbizu
  • Michal Gatzambide, Miguel Barros, Enrique Urbizu
  • 104 minutes
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