Mike Wallace lived his life on television, starting out in the 50s as a host of game shows and late night TV, before gaining fame as a tough interviewer for 60 Minutes from its start in 1968. Director Avi Belkin gains access to the deep archives of Wallace’s work including never before seen outtakes from 60 Minutes. He uses this treasure trove to create a unique biographical portrait of the harsh interrogator who often resisted being asked questions himself. In different interviews, we see him dodge questions, then gradually open up about the most vulnerable parts of his life including the death of his teenage son and his own bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts. The film also serves as a history of television journalism over the past 50 years, as we watch Wallace engage with a cavalcade of politicians, celebrities and other newsmakers. Wallace is riveting every minute he’s on screen which is every minute of this film.

  • Avi Belkin
  • 94 minutes
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