When her boyfriend William, newly licensed in Denmark as a doctor, is offered a promising job in the remote, beautiful Faroe Islands, Nina moves with him and use the solitude to finally focus on her desire to write for a living. Nina is pregnant with their first child and is initially awestruck by the magnificent Faroese nature. Yet as William devotes himself to his vocation, working long hours at the hospital, Nina begins to feel increasingly isolated in the tiny village, where making new friends has proven difficult, and she begins to feel her only companions are the tall mountains and endless ocean that surround her. Nina discovers the mysterious old Faroese myth of the Seal Woman, and her fascination with it grows to an obsession. She finds comfort in the company of the handsome local priest, Fríði, and suddenly Nina can see connections forming between the myth, her own life and the burning feeling of loneliness.

  • Marie Tourell Søderberg - Nikolaj Dencker Schmidt - Mike Viderø
  • Maria Winther Olsen
  • Maria Winther Olsen
  • 82 minutes
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