Robert McQueen (Jimmy-Jean Louis) is a Los Angeles therapist with a clientele exclusively of well-to-do women. On a his way to a regular appointment with a particularly unhappy married woman, Robert is ambushed and held hostage by three masked men. When the masks soon come off, his attackers turn out to be the husbands of his most regular clients, who accuse him of sleeping with their wives – an assertion he fervently denies, pleading for his innocence. In a last ditch, desperate attempt to change the three men’s minds, Robert reveals something else: a secret that will change their lives forever. But will it be enough to save his? Based on Graham Farrow‘s acclaimed play of the same name, director Julius Amedume’s Rattlesnakes is an impressive debut, subtly and skillfully marrying psychological thriller genre conventions with neo-noir elements that promise an adrenaline rush of the most satisfying kind.

  • 86 minutes
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