Claudio and Susana live a tranquil, middle-class life in provincial Argentina. They are respected in their community and successful in their work, managing to live a more or less normal life despite the distressful events taking part at the moment: it’s the 1970’s, and Argentina’s Dirty War is taking the lives of thousands around the country. In the midst of all this, a series of seemingly unrelated occurrences all hit Claudio and Susana’s picture-perfect family at once, starting with a stranger attacking the couple on a night out in town for no discernible reason, the sudden appearance of an old family friend, and the incessant, invasive questions of a Chilean private detective. Thus begins the slow unraveling of a net of lies and secrets that will change everything in its wake. A sense of unavoidable doom underlies Benjamín Naishtat’s Rojo, translating the intense paranoia of the times onto the screen in foreboding, unnerving images of a deceptively peaceful life far away from the horrors of war.

  • Benjamín Naishta
  • 109 minutes
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