Two weeks after meeting her much older step-sisters for the first time, 12 year old Ángela is on a roadtrip across the country with them. Meeting on rather dire circumstances after the sudden death of their ne’er do well father, the only parent Ángela has ever known and stumped as to what to do with this little girl,the three sisters decide that Ángela should be taken to live with an aunt, over 900 miles away from everything she has ever known. As the four of them mourn a father they each saw in very different ways, from charismatic liar, to cheater and carer, the sisters share beds, clothes, food, and stories of lives so intertwined yet so far apart from each other. Through her sisters, Ángela is introduced to the world of womanhood, to the intimacy of bodies laying next to each other, to their safety and comfort. Heartwarming and kind to its core, Wandering Girl is a carefully crafted film about self-discovery at a difficult age, and under extraordinary circumstances.

  • Sofía Paz Jara, Carolina Ramírez, Lina Marcela Sánchez, María Camila Mejía
  • Rubén Mendoza
  • Rubén Mendoza
  • 82 minutes
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