Chrysalis Pictures creates originally scripted multi-media projects with diversity and inclusion in mind. We create community by bringing together artists from different backgrounds giving them space to create through production, arts education, and independent film.

You are donating to a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. All donations are tax-deductible and you will receive a contribution letter by the end of our tax year for your deduction purposes. Thank you for your help in achieving our mission.

About Moving Parts Film Festival

The Moving Parts Film Festival was created in 2017 by Chrysalis Pictures with a focus on featuring films with an emphasis on inclusion and diversity. Being a project of a Nonprofit 501c3 Organization Moving Parts Film Festival wants your help to see the inclusion of BIPOC, Women, LGBTQIA, & Actors with Disabilities represented in film on a continuous basis until it becomes the new normal in Media. We hope to support our filmmakers by having their films seen by an International Audience and aiding them in getting Distribution Deals with our Selected Partners.  Your ticket purchase goes directly back into the production of films featuring stories from these specific underrepresented communities. Thank you and see you at the festival!