LGBTQ shorts

LGBTQ shorts, narrative and documentary.

  • 120 minutes
  • R
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    The Cleanse (OFF Alum)

    Rating: PG-13, Director: Lucas Omar

    TRT: 13 min. Country: United States

    The Queer Clique loves fresh meat. Newbie Kayden must complete the sacred initiation: The Cleanse. No food. No sex. Just juice. Let the cravings begin. Regional Premiere

    Dusk (OFF Alum)

    Rating: R and may include sensitive content, Director: Jake Graf

    TRT: 15 min. Country: United Kingdom

    Growing up in 1950s England in an intolerant and uninformed world, young Chris Winters struggles to fit into the gender roles dictated by wider society. Mississippi Premiere

    Haygood Eats!

    Rating: R, Director: Hazart

    TRT: 5 min. Country: United States, California

    Tim & Joy Haygood are the reigning almost "celebrities" of their small southern town. In a series of leaked outtakes from Magic City Productions, the curtain is lifted on the disastrous attempt at a commercial from Joy & Tim Haygood's catering company. Mississippi Premiere.

    How to Make a Pearl

    Rating: PG-13, Director: Jason Hanasik

    TRT: 22 min. Country: United States, California

    For the last ten years, John Kapellas has lived in complete darkness. Allergic to the entire spectrum of light, Kapellas' doctors have tried a myriad of drugs to give him more time in the light. When one of the drugs' side effects made him “go nuts,” Kapellas found a creative way to calm his mind. Regional Premiere


    Rating: PG, Director: Aharonit Elior

    TRT: 6 min. Country: United States, California

    A girl finds someone to spark her flame.

    World Premiere

    Sununú: The Revolution of Love

    Director: Olivia Crellin

    TRT: 24 min. Country: United Kingdom

    Transgender dad, Fernando Machado, became an international news sensation when he announced he was pregnant with his trans girlfriend Diane Rodriguez in Ecuador. This is the love story of that family. Mississippi Premiere.

    The Third Movement

    Rating: PG, Director: Josephine Anderson

    TRT: 11 min. Country: Canada

    World-renowned transgender classical pianist, Sara Davis Buechner lost a flourishing New York career after transitioning from male to female. The Third Movement is an intimate documentary portrait that explores Sara’s yearning to earn back her spot on the world stage. As Sara dreams about a comeback, she helps guide the next generation of piano greats on their rise to the top. The film is a creative and nuanced depiction of an artist who demonstrates unrelenting determination in the face of trans-targeted discrimination. United States Premiere

    3 Friends

    Director: Michael Moody Culpepper

    TRT: 22 min. Country: Ireland and United States, Washington

    Based on a Colm Tóibín short story, Fergus, a pensive, young Irishman, is propelled on a powerful journey. At his mother’s funeral and wake, Fergus confronts how his family shapes and defines him. He continues this journey at a beach rave, becoming aware of ways his friends define him. Ultimately, through death, grief, joy, and sex, Fergus defines himself. Regional Premiere


    Rating: R, Director: Foster Wilson

    TRT: 4 min. Country: United States, California

    A young, gay millennial discovers she's slept with the enemy and has to choose between swallowing her pride and standing by her principles. Mississippi Premiere.

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