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About Polish Film Festival Los Angeles

Poland. A nation of historic complexity, difficult geopolitical placement and vibrant cultural heritage. All that sparks great passions in the hearts of Polish film makers who can’t wait to tell you their stories. For 20 years this festival has created a perfect environment for artists and audiences to share and exchange their fresh perspectives on life. For the film makers, it is an opportunity to expose new understandings and realities prevailing among Polish people to Californians. At the same time, it creates a beautiful opportunity for prolific discussions and meaningful education. It also brings a much deeper understanding of Polish culture, history and science. In the comfort of your own home, you will explore a different world brought to you in the form of feature drama films, shorts, documentaries and animations, all of which are produced with the highest standards originating from long and rich tradition of Polish Cinematography. Get inspired & entertained through contemporary Polish movies. Enjoy!