May Book + Film Club - Fashion in Film / The Great Gatsby

Join us for Book + Film Club! Each month, we will read a book related to the craft of filmmaking or a literary work that has been adapted to a film. At the end of the month we will meet to watch a related film and then discuss! Our May 2023 session will explore the world of cinematic costuming with Fashion in Film and experience the fashions of The Great Gatsby, Academy Award winner in the Costume Design category.

  • Baz Luhrmann
  • Book: Fashion in Film by Christopher Laverty
  • 142 minutes
  • Book: Fashion in Film by Christopher Laverty

    - "Fashion in Film... offers an intriguingly holistic examination of the multi-faceted role of a garment on screen. Through a focus on fashion designers who’ve lent their talents to the silver screen – from the well-known (Gucci; Prada; Giorgio Armani) to the less well-known (Azzedine Alaïa; Banton; Diane von Fürstenberg) – Laverty presents a much wider assessment. His interest lies not simply with how costume elicits character and tone – or, equally, how character and tone reflects costume – but also how movies have influenced fashion trends just as much as fashion trends have informed movies." - The Independent

    Film: The Great Gatsby (2013, dir. Baz Luhrmann)

    - "Self-appointed protectors of the novel and your "history buff" neighbor will swear Luhrmann gets it wrong, but there is no "wrong" in an interpretation, old sport. And I know that Luhrmann's camp cared about the historical details, because as an academic who writes about Fitzgerald-era fashion, I sat in a room with production designer Catherine Martin. She asked me pointed questions about period clothing." - The Atlantic

    May MAILING Registration Deadline: Friday May 5. Books will be mailed within 72 hours of this date.

    May PICK UP Registration Deadline: Monday May 15. Pick up from our box office during our operating hours of 2pm-10pm Thursday - Sunday. (You will receive an email when your book is ready to be picked up.)

    Register by the first Friday of the month to have your books mailed to you. If you sign up after the deadline, don’t sweat it! You’ll just have to pick up your book from the cinema box office.

    Private screening and discussion will take place at Sidewalk Cinema May 24th at 6 PM.

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