Tasveer Donation

Tasveer is a nonprofit social justice arts organization, whose mission is to inspire social change through thought-provoking South Asian films, literature, and storytelling. Your contribution will help us to create an informed and just society where storytelling leads to truth-telling and in the process, individuals are entertained, transformed, healed and empowered.


About Tasveer South Asian Film Festival

Tasveer has grown to be one of the leading platforms in South Asian arts, to inspire social change in North America. We aspire to continue bringing fresh and creative ideas through storytelling, that bring our community together and increase South Asian representation in the mainstream media. Through the Tasveer South Asian Film Festival, Aaina/ Yoni ki Baat, Tasveer South Asian LitFest, monthly programs, and more, we continue to incorporate visual and narrative art to reflect and highlight the issues faced by our community.