Labyrinth is a thoughtful and heart-warming large-scale art installation. It sprawls across 18,000 square feet and will be viewable at 655 Tyee Road from May 11th to the 29th. Audience members will follow a path through the labyrinth adorned with paintings, artistic sculptures and written stories which reveal the show’s narrative. As each audience member’s journey comes to an end, people can congregate afterwards at a large hang-out spot on the patio. There you can reflect together and enjoy beer and wine. The project is supported by a grant from Canadian Heritage. As theatre makers, our desire is that your participation affects the show. So, a few questions to help us build Labyrinth: Tell us your first childhood memory in only three words. If you are booking for more than one person, you can add more than one memory. (E.g. falling down stairs) Do you have a regret you'd care to share? (I wish I'd said yes to Gina when she asked me to marry her / I should've ordered a cheeseburger / Why didn't I dance more?) If you're unable to purchase tickets through the website you can always pick them up at the door. Tickets stop selling 8 hours before the show time.

  • Matthew Payne
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