KIDZ (Figli)

BEST OF FEST: Voted the funniest Italian film of the year by the Syndicate of Italian Journalists, KIDZ is a sharp, knockout comedy about the pressures of child-rearing in an uncertain economic time. Sara (Paola Cortellesi) and Nicola (Valerio Mastandrea) are married and in love. Their lives seem to be perfect: they have an angelic six-year-old daughter, thriving careers and a stable marriage. The balance in their lives is disrupted, however, by the arrival of their second child. Sleepless nights, selfish grandparents, friends that are about to have a nervous breakdown and questionable babysitters all combine to transform the couple’s life into a living hell. KIDZ is a playful and uproarious comedy that constantly pulls the rug out from under you. It makes the audience immediately relate to the situation, whether you have one or more children or none, in fact, because at its core, it’s about how we manage the unavoidable ups and downs of life.

  • Giuseppe Bonito
  • 97 minutes
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