Off Season

After working for the summer on Martha’s Vineyard, Lena's plans to return home fall through. A local farmer, Kellen, hires her as a landscaper. At first, Lena’s experiences on the farm are welcoming. She forges relationships with her co-workers, Kellen's wife, and their precocious ten-year old daughter, Sadie. However, as Lena's relationship with Sadie deepens, Lena senses that Sadie's world is troubled. When one of the landscapers goes missing, Lena presses Sadie for answers only to discover a dark history of violence that lies behind her secrets. USA, 2016

  • Chance Kelly, Jessica Cadden Osbourne, Lucas Salvagno, Braedyn Clark, Sosie Bacon, Amanda Good Hennessey, Jessie Barr, Brittany Costa, Adam F. Petkus, Amy Northup, Sean Kleier, Mallory June Zeilstra, Erik Lieblein
  • Robert Cole
  • 86 minutes
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