Program 1 - Inventive Spotlight

Three inventive short films that surprise you with their originality.

  • 29 minutes
  • Unrated
  • Americana 6:20
    Here After 10:00
    The Blogger 13:00


    A gritty comedy short about 4 modern day greasers who must save their deceased friend’s ashes from collecting dust on a mantelpiece.

    Directed by: Andrew Meyers
    Written by: Michael Gangloff
    Produced by: Michael Gangloff
    Starring: Deaken Bluman, Michael Gangloff, Don Dipaolo, Brooke Sikkema, Ashlee Arson, Chris Lark

    Here After

    When a young girl loses her father, her only key to survival is just a touch away. Discovering a different paradise with a unique perspective causes Autumn to value her place in life.

    Directed by: Jonah Mazer, Edaan Moskowitz
    Written by: Jonah Mazer
    Produced by: Jonah Mazer, Edaan Moskowitz
    Starring: Madison Williams, Paul Ganus, Ellen Ganus A Vision of the Future.

    The Blogger

    Blinded by selfies, Marcus doesn’t understand that his guests only came to take advantage of him – everyone, that is, except Didier.

    Directed by: Lorenzo Sterzi
    Written by: Lorenzo Sterzi
    Produced by: Lorenzo Sterzi
    Starring: Sacha Bourque, Karl Hardy, Léane Labrèche-Dor, Michel Dorion, Louise Marleau

    In the depths of his eyes, I could see my own beauty reflected.

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