Program 2 - Adventure Spotlight

Some adventures are personal. Some are physical. But they're all dangerous.

  • 33 minutes
  • Unrated
  • Jeffington 2:30
    Girl Eating Banana: Audition 6:00
    Fringe Territory 13:25
    Shark Week (16 minutes)


    A first-time voter wanders into a fringe campaign rally and learns something about mob psychology.

    Directed by: Ryan Larkin
    Written by: Ryan Larkin
    Produced by: Ryan Larkin
    Starring: Sam Panarese

    Girl Eating Banana: Audition

    While young woman is auditioning for the role “girl eating banana” the unexpected discovery within the banana pushes her psychological boundaries to limits.

    Directed by: Natasha Babenko
    Written by: Natasha Babenko
    Produced by: Natasha Babenko
    Starring: Malin Barr

    Fringe Territory

    In a post-apocalyptic junkyard, a lone salvager fights for survival against an enemy he can't see.

    Directed by: Stephen DeLorme
    Written by: Stephen DeLorme
    Produced by: Stephen DeLorme
    Starring: Patrick Logan, Heidi Rew, Sean Luke

    Eventually, you run out of everything.

    Shark Week

    A man is forced to confront his eating disorder when his sister shows up at his door with baggage of her own.

    Directed by: Jeremy Radin
    Written by: Jeremy Radin
    Produced by: Caroline Gottlieb, Jeremy Radin, Mary-Kate van den Berg
    Starring: Jeremy Radin, Caroline Gottlieb

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