Program 4 - Consequences Spotlight

Four short films that deal show their characters facing the consequences of their actions.

  • 41 minutes
  • Unrated
  • The 5th (6 minutes)
    Half a Glass (12 minutes)
    The Honorable Society (10 minutes)
    Cal & V (13 minutes)

    The 5th

    In the wake of a shocking revelation, a boxer haunted by his past and a trainer weighed down by a history of bad choices must decide whether they are prepared to throw it all away.

    Directed by: Katharine White
    Written by: Robert Jekabson & Andrew Oliveri
    Produced by: Robert Jekabson, Andrew Oliveri, Q Fortier, George Perez, Peter J. Dorsey
    Starring: Robert Jekabson & Andrew Oliveri

    Half a Glass

    Two apparent strangers cross paths at a Los Angeles Bar where they must come to terms with the actions they have made.
    Directed by: Thomas Petborisooth
    Written by: Thomas Petborisooth
    Produced by: Jesse Cohn and Chris Madrigal
    Starring: Corey Powers and Dana Pollak

    The Honorable Society

    Even today, the oldest organization dominates and controls our world. Once inside, it's impossible to get out of it and It’s everyone for himself. John, a young Sicilian, is ready to do anything to get into the hierarchy of this society, even to break his own values ​​...

    Directed by: Vincent Bonin-Arena
    Written by: Vincent Bonin-Arena
    Produced by: Vincent Bonin-Arena, Nicolas Beaudry
    Starring: Dino Tavarone, Mathieu Baron, Vince Benvenuto

    Cal & V

    Cal & V are two lovers stuck at a crossroads until Cal places his successful movie career on the line to try and win Vanessa back.

    Directed by: Timothy Offor
    Written by: Timothy Offor
    Produced by: Jheanelle Brown, Ian McClellan
    Starring: Lian Amado, Sean Dominic

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