Program 4 - Originality Spotlight

Four truly original short films, ranging from hilarious to frightening to life affirming: First Person, Blow Out, Sweetheart, & The Lost Weekend.

  • 60 minutes
  • First Person (4 mins)
    Blow Out (8 mins)
    Sweetheart (14 mins)
    The Lost Weekend (14 mins)

    First Person
    Don narrates a day in the life of Don. Don loves himself some Don, but doesn’t care much for anyone else.
    Director(s): Michael Lang
    Writer(s): Erich Eilenberger
    Producer(s): John Venable, Michael Lang, Erich Eilenberger
    Cast: Charles Baker, Brina Palencia

    Blow Out
    A woman finds a balloon outside her door. She brings it inside. Things get weird.
    Director(s): Daniel David Stewart
    Writer(s): Michelle Alexander
    Producer(s): Daniel David Stewart
    Cast: Michelle Alexander

    Simona gets out of a DUI by accepting a ride home from the cop who turns out to be a security guard on a power trip.
    Director(s): Diliana Deltcheva
    Writer(s): Diliana Deltcheva
    Producer(s): Jack Gravina
    Cast: Gina Vitori & Andy Slade

    The Lost Weekend
    After a rough breakup, Charlie Monahan dives headfirst into the world of online dating.
    Director(s): Ryan O’Leary
    Writer(s): Ryan O’Leary
    Producer(s): Anthony Pedone, Ryan O’Leary
    Cast: Sam Vartholomeos, Gracie Gillam, Chris Bellant, Libe Barer, with Catherine Curtin and Reed Birney
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