Program 5 - Daring Spotlight

Three short films from daring new filmmakers who push the boundaries of storytelling on film.

  • 40 minutes
  • Unrated
  • Fall Repeat (4 minutes)
    The King in the Ring (11 minutes)
    Crosby (25 minutes)

    Fall Repeat

    A dancer compromises for the sake of ambition while her mentor pushes boundaries of power.

    Directed by: Elise Sievert Bhushan
    Written by: Elise Sievert Bhushan
    Produced by: Karma B Productions & MFI
    Starring: Elise Sievert & Ariel Eliaz

    The King in the Ring

    Through a documentary lens, this drama follows an underground boxing ring where participants fight a man who looks like Jesus Christ.

    Directed by: Heather Hillstrom
    Written by: Heather Hillstrom
    Produced by: Heather Hillstrom, Jonathan Graves
    Starring: Jason Eftimoski, Ngozi Andrade Messam, Cyrille Autin


    Al Fitzhugh faces life as a high schooler in New York City, all while his parents navigate a divorce. One day, an eccentric, unearthly 'guide' named Crosby appears, who, for better or worse, has his own ways of solving Al’s problems.

    Directed by: Vincent Salvano
    Written by: Vincent Salvano
    Produced by: Austin Harris, Aaron Daniel Jacob
    Starring: Aaron Daniel Jacob, Luke Wehner, Bailey Newman, Thea McCartan

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