Program 6 - Must See Spotlight

"Sickies" is a MUST SEE documentary for any film buff and "Danse" is a visually stunning music video you MUST SEE to believe.

  • 85 minutes
  • Unrated
  • Music Video: L’oiseau qui danse (2 minutes)
    Sickies Making Films (83 minutes)

    L’oiseau qui danse

    Created and animated with particles in the spirit of Visual Music, this video for Canadian electro band Tennyson features the journey of an origami bird in a mysterious field of light.

    Directed by: Jean-Marie Marbach
    Song by: Tennyson

    Sickies Making Films

    A love letter to the movies, Sickies Making Films examines America’s history and questions our urge to censor movies. By focusing on the nation’s longest lasting censor board, the Maryland Board of Censors, we discover reasons both absurd and surprisingly understandable.

    Directed by: Joe Tropea
    Written by: Joe Tropea and Robert Emmons Jr.
    Produced by: Joe Tropea
    Featuring: John Waters, Laura Wittern-Keller, Robert Headley, Pat Moran, Ross Freedman, and many more.

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