Program 8 - Creativity Spotlight

Four short films that showcase their filmmakers' originality, visual flair, and dramatic storytelling.

  • 43 minutes
  • Unrated
  • Light Me Up (15 minutes)
    The Truth (7 minutes)
    Apostasy (10 minutes)
    Dysphoria (11 minutes)

    Light Me Up
    After yet another heartbreaking miscarriage, Ivy follows a sprite into a fantasy world to escape her pain. When presented with the choice to stay or return, she must find the courage to reunite with her husband Josh and start again.

    Directed by: Miri Stone
    Written by: Miri Stone
    Produced by: Vicky Davenport
    Starring: Trin Miller, Conner Marx, Eden Campbell

    The Truth
    During a therapy session, a young man relives the moment he witnessed a family get murdered as a tragic truth is revealed to him.

    Directed by: Brandon Doo
    Written by: Pavel Slanina
    Produced by: Pavel Slanina, Brandon Doo, Carol Sneed
    Starring: Pavel Slanina, Lorell Bird Dorfman

    In between a mental psychosis and a fleeting sanity, Matthew, a man forced to face himself, must do the unthinkable.

    Directed by: Brandon Smith
    Written by: Garrett Fraser
    Produced by: Brandon Smith & Connor Garelick
    Starring: Connor Garelick

    Best friends Hazel and Lyla catch up at a diner but Lyla is hiding something that may explain why they haven't seen much of each other for a while.

    Directed by: Natalie Falt
    Written by: Natalie Falt, Holland Olmsted
    Produced by: Natalie Falt, Holland Olmsted
    Starring: Holland Olmsted, Adrienne Smith

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