Program 9 - Comedy Spotlight

Two great comedies, a short and a feature, from talented, hilarious and smart filmmakers.

  • 100 minutes
  • Unrated
  • Last Wish (11 minutes)
    One Bedroom (90 minutes)

    Last Wish

    Best friends since high school, Will is dying of a rare disease when a revelatory interaction shifts the dynamic of their friendship.

    Directed by: Hayden Croft
    Written by: Hayden Croft
    Produced by: Stephen Laddin
    Starring: Jason Darcy; Kevin Louis White; Heidi Heaslet; Kamall Shaikh

    One Bedroom

    Love means never having to give up your apartment.

    Directed by: Darien Sills-Evans
    Written by: Darien Sills-Evans
    Produced by: Devin Williams, Darien Sills-Evans
    Starring: Devin Nelson, Darien Sills-Evans, Amber Reauchean Williams, Stephen Hill, Jon Laster

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