A Tree of Life

Saturday, October 27, 2018. Shabbat morning. A man enters a synagogue in Pittsburgh with four assault weapons in hand, murdering 11 congregants, all because he hates Jews. Four years later and the pain still won’t go away. Can it ever? Academy Award nominee Trish Adlesic tackles a delicate topic with bravery and skill in A Tree of Life, an astounding powerhouse of a motion picture. As survivors and relatives of the victims recount that tragic day, Adlesic delves even deeper into the politically biased, ever-growing hate crimes and anti-Semitic attacks that continue to afflict this country. *ACCESSIBLE TO PHILADELPHIA COUNTY RESIDENTS ONLY. TICKET BUYERS WILL RECEIVE A PRIVATE LINK TO THE FILM AFTER PURCHASE WHICH WILL ACTIVATE AUGUST 14.

  • Trish Adlesic
  • 2021
  • USA
  • 80 minutes
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