Inhabitants: An Indigenous Perspective

For millennia, Indigenous communities across Turtle Island have successfully stewarded and shaped their landscapes, raising bountiful harvests in arid conditions and protecting against wildfires by undertaking deliberate, controlled burns. But centuries of colonization have disrupted their ability to maintain traditional land management practices, even as climate change has rendered those practices more critical than ever before. Inhabitants: An Indigenous Perspective documents five such communities, from Montana, Arizona, California and Hawaii, detailing the traditional methods that have been transmitted and preserved across generations. In the desert, along coastlines, or in forests, mountains, and prairies, Indigenous people are restoring their ancient relationships to the land, leading by time-tested example. As the climate crisis grows ever more critical, and as utopian technologies continue to prove elusive, Inhabitants demonstrates that some of humanity’s oldest wisdoms can still produce miraculous results, which may yet prove instrumental to securing our future.

  • Costa Boutsikaris
  • 76 minutes
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