Morning Star

To local fishermen in southwestern Madagascar, Andaboy is a sacred beach that the ancestors say should be left untouched. Locals depend on the economy around fishing, from the fish they catch to building the canoes. Their coastal way of life is under threat from Chinese trawlers who are decimating fish stocks and by an Australian company, Base Toliara, who is proposing to build a harbour that will displace 8000 residents. Locals are deeply concerned about protecting their way of life from encroaching resource extractive projects in the area. Director Nantenaina Lova uses a patient and cinematic, observational approach to document the daily lives of the fisherman, their music, culture and fishing traditions. These fishermen courageously organize to fight against Base Tolinara and the sale of their land. In Morning Star, a number of activists clearly and passionately express their objections to the sale of their land to foreign companies.

  • Nantenaina Lova
  • 77 minutes
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