Pride Parade Extravaganza

Join us on Sunday June 25th starting at 10am for our 2nd Annual Pride Parade Extravaganza! For the bargain price of $25 you will get a curb-side viewing spot complete with a comfortable chair, a catered brunch, champagne, drag queens and other surprises. The best part is that you’ll have access to restrooms and air conditioning inside the PrideArts Center! Seating is limited.

  • Tyranny Reigns, Ramona Mirage, Oddrey Ball
  • 180 minutes
  • PG
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About PrideArts

With gay issues still so complex in this country, PrideArts was founded in 2010 to change lives by improving the quality of LGBT theater for this generation and those to come. Utilizing stories with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender characters or themes, we create powerful theatrics that speak for the community and are essential viewing for all audiences.