The Pathfinder Project: The Complete Film

In the last six months, videographer Magdiel Carmona and his team interviewed 11 LGBTQ leaders, and weaving them into a remarkable and simple tale of identity, leadership, and love. These short interviews captures personal moments, and we are thrilled to present them in this 70 minute film.

  • Pat Cummings, Gloria Allen, Don Bell, Jamie Black, Tom Chiola, Stefani Clark, Bob Cohn, Pat Cummings, Kim Hunt, Eva Skye, Hector Suarez
  • Magdiel Carmona
  • 71 minutes
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About PrideArts

With gay issues still so complex in this country, PrideArts was founded in 2010 to change lives by improving the quality of LGBT theater and film for this generation and those to come. Utilizing stories with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender characters or themes, we create powerful theatrics and films that speak for the community and are essential viewing for all audiences.