Tommy On Top

Tommy Miller, a closeted Hollywood heartthrob, is nominated for an Oscar and is a shoo-in to win Best Actor. His bibulous sister Molly and his musical theater obsessed hair stylist boyfriend George are with him to celebrate the event in his Beverly Hills suite. But the day is dampened when talent manager to the stars Judy shows up to break the shocking news: celebrity blogger Kiki Lopez is threatening to out Tommy with some incriminating photos. Meanwhile, Tommy's gay Republican talent agent Eddie goes berserk when he discovers that Judy is also trying to poach Tommy to be in her roster of stars. More chaos ensues when Kiki shows up at the door and they all concoct hilarious antics to protect Tommy's secret.

  • Ryan Cason, Patrick Gosney, Brian Boller, Theresa Liebhart, Sandra Franco and Blythe Inanna
  • Jay Espano
  • Chris Woodley
  • 90 minutes
  • Rated R for course language and sexual situations.
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About PrideArts

With gay issues still so complex in this country, PrideArts was founded in 2010 to change lives by improving the quality of LGBT theater and film for this generation and those to come. Utilizing stories with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender characters or themes, we create powerful theatrics and films that speak for the community and are essential viewing for all audiences.