When There Are Nine

This world premiere by American writer Sally Deering is a dream play in which the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recalls the personal relationships and professional challenges she made on her life’s journey as a feminist, lawyer, and Supreme Court Justice, as she struggles to understand her legacy before it’s too late. WHEN THERE ARE NINE takes place largely in the mind of Justice Ginsburg and imagines how she might have recalled pivotal moments in her life, and how she viewed the challenges she faced and her work yet to be done. Deering’s script shows Justice Ginsburg’s deep concern for the welfare of others and captures the wit and humor for which Justice Ginsburg was known as vividly as it documents her enormous contributions to the advancement of equality in the United States.

  • Talia Langman, Nicholia Aguirre, Gabriel Estrada, Shannon Bachelder, Zoe Nemetz, Caitlin Wolfe, Sarah Kinn, Ginger De Leon, Hannah Boutilier, Ashlyn Seehafer
  • Sam Hess; Associate Director - Sarah Hensley
  • Sally Deering
  • 90 minutes
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