Shorts: Beyond Queer

  • 95 minutes
  • Asian CineVision in association with Asia Society presents:

    Shorts: BEYOND QUEER

    We are more than our gender identity, sexuality or race. These shorts show the beautiful depth of the queer Asian diaspora. From the gorgeous exploration in “Kiss of the Rabbit God,” the hilarity of relationships in “I Think She Likes You,” to the reawakening of love in middle age in “Halwa,” this block showcases that we are all more than our labels.

    This program includes the following shorts:

    Sara Chatterjee is forced to come out to her family when her girlfriend Spencer discovers she secretly goes on dates with men to appease her parents.
    Jhanvi Motla
    USA/India, Narrative, 10 min 51 sec

    A queer Chinese-American woman struggles to tell her immigrant mother why she left school. She teleports into her own galaxy where no violence can touch her.
    Jess X. Snow
    USA/China, Narrative, 9 min 31 sec

    A repressed Chinese restaurant worker falls in love with an 18th century Qing dynasty god who leads him on a journey of sexual awakening and self discovery.
    Andrew Thomas Huang
    USA, Narrative, 15 min

    An Indian Immigrant woman decides to rekindle her relationship with her childhood companion through facebook messages until her abusive husband finds out.
    Gayatri Bajpai & Nirav Bhakta
    USA, Narrative, 17 min 8 sec

    The bond between a disabled Muslim father and his son is tested when love is pitted against religion.
    Omar Al Dakheel
    USA, Narrative, 15 min

    When the Korean Goddess of Birth ushers one boy’s soul to grant a couple their son, an unforeseen ghost alters her plan.
    Jayil Pak
    South Korea/USA, Narrative, 15 min

    A portrait of two teenaged hockey players which explores the intensity of adolescence - a time of unrestrained physicality and surging hormones, resulting in unchecked impulses and unseen emotions.
    Jason Karman
    Canada, Narrative, 2 min

    When Justine and Julia pick Jake up at a bar, it’s not quite the threesome he was expecting.
    Bridey Elliott
    USA, Narrative, 9 min
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