Nantucket Film Festival Sustainability Fund

Since 1996, the Nantucket Film Festival has served a vital role in the cultural landscape of the island of Nantucket, celebrating the art of screenwriting and storytelling. As we head into our 27th year, we have reflected on the transformation we’ve experienced over the past two years. We are now moving forward with a holistic approach that includes strengthening our existing programs and initiatives and building new ones. We hope that your experiences with us over the years have left an indelible impression, and hope that you will choose to help us continue what we do, by supporting us today and contributing to sustaining the Nantucket Film Festival’s unique role among the artists and the communities we serve.


About Nantucket Film Festival

The Nantucket Film Festival was founded in 1996 by siblings Jill and Jonathan Burkhart. The Burkharts lived on the island year-round, and knew it was the perfect place to begin a festival that combined with their love of film and community. In 1997, Mystelle Brabbée joined the team and today serves as the Executive Director. NFF continues to thrive each year by always remaining true to its mission, to promote the cultural awareness and appreciation of the art of screenwriting and storytelling. Learn more about NFF at