SEBASTIAN sneak preview screening June 26 at Facets

Join us for the final Open Space Arts film nights at Facets for a sneak preview of the sensational new film that took Sundance by storm. "Sebastian" is the latest creation from Finnish writer/director Mikko Måkelå, fresh off its premiere at Sundance where it's been nominated for the Grand Jury Prize World Cinema – Dramatic. Måkelå seamlessly blends stunning cinematography, a compelling soundtrack, and outstanding casting to deliver a modern, judgment-free narrative on the world of sex work. Lead actors Mollica and Hyde shine, with Mollica's portrayal of Max's character development particularly noteworthy as he embarks on a new chapter. The film authentically captures contemporary London life, portraying the cut-throat publishing world and Max's struggle for narrative control amidst more powerful yet less informed individuals. "Sebastian" fearlessly presents sex work as a legitimate career choice, without judgment, offering a bold and stylish perspective on queer London life. Don't miss this chance to experience "Sebastian" before its official release. See you at Facets, 1517 W Fullerton!

  • Mikko Makela
  • Mikko Makela
  • 100 minutes
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