Tava, The House of Stone + Interview: Patricia Ferreira

In Tava, The House of Stone we witness the intergenerational passing on of the real and long suppressed history behind the Tavas, the seventeenth century Jesuit missions in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, and their meanings to the Mbyá Guaraní. These impressive stone Tavas, comparable in scope to the Egyptian pyramids, were built with Mbyá Guaraní labour. The filmmakers journey across their traditional territories as did their ancestors in search of the Land-Without-Evil; this time, the young Mbyá Guaraní filmmakers take this spiritual journey to speak with Elders and other tribal members in order to uncover the true history behind their sacred Tavas and territories.

  • Patrícia Ferreira & Ariel Kuaray Ortega
  • 87 minutes
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