Wiñaypacha (Eternity) + Untitled, 1925

Like the elderly couple in Ozu’s wonderful Tokyo Story (1953), the main characters of Wiñaypacha carry upon their bent backs the sadness of being forgotten by their son. Nonetheless, they do not invest in anger nor build up blame. They spend their days weaving the blanket that keeps them warm on cold nights, chewing on coca leaves, and dreaming of a wind that will bring their firstborn back home. This debut film by Óscar Catacora draws with delicate lines the emotional story of his grandparents who taught him to speak Aymara when he was seven years old and his parents sent him to live with them in the highlands of Acora. Wiñaypacha, the first Peruvian feature film in the Aymara language, imprints upon the screen panoramic postcard images painted with the nostalgic breath of a zen-like couple who, despite their solitude, wake up every morning embraced by the illusion of hope. - Mar del Plata Film Festival

  • Óscar Catacora
  • 113 minutes
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