Body Electric (Corpo Elétrico)

Summer arrives and Elias, a young assistant at a busy garment factory in Sao Paulo, is dreaming of carefree parties and hot hook-ups. Outside of the factory’s long hours, Elias becomes increasingly interested in connecting with work colleagues, including a casual and tender fling with a flirty co-worker. Despite upper management warning him not to fraternize with the “common” floor workers, he finds a new joy in the acceptance and openness of his fellow young working class friends. When his much older and wealthy ex-boyfriend re-enters his life, Elias endeavours to bring the separate parts of his life together for the biggest party of the summer.

  • Marcelo Caetano
  • 94 minutes
  • Director Marcelo Caetano achieves a richly textured and honest portrayal of a young gay man’s life in contemporary Brazil. Body Electric won the Best Feature Film 2017 Premio Maguey—Guadalajara International Film Festival.


    Body Electric (Corpo Elétrico) | Marcelo Caetano | Brazil | 2017 | 94 min | Portuguese with English subtitles


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