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Join us in bringing queer, trans, and Two Spirit stories to homes, theatres, and classrooms across BC!

This is it—we’re finally back in theatres! And soon, in 2022, we will be bringing the Out In Schools program back to schools! Since 2003, the Out In Schools program has utilized queer film to empower youth, support educators, and transform classrooms across BC.

Buying a ticket supports queer film, artists, and venues now. Take your support even further by donating to Out In Schools today!

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About Vancouver Queer Film Festival

The Vancouver Queer Festival is a vibrant space for queer arts, culture, and community. It showcases dynamic and thought-provoking films from British Columbian filmmakers as well as other Canadian and international directors and storytellers.

The Festival curates films which contextualize and celebrate queer lives and experiences and prioritize foregrounding diverse identities in our communities, including narratives from trans people, queer people of colour, and Indigenous people. It is Western Canada’s largest queer arts event.