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Together, we can build a brighter, inclusive community.

By making a donation to Out On Screen, you are supporting our core programs, Vancouver Queer Film Festival & Out in Schools. Your gift will have a positive impact in the community, provide resources for us to curate innovative film programs, convene critical discussions, and catalyze social change for the LGBT2Q+ and allied community.

You can change lives.

Your gift can:

  • bring international queer, trans, & two-spirit artists to Vancouver
  • provide a platform for voices from the margin
  • combat homophobia, transphobia, & bullying in schools
  • give youth the opportunity to bring their stories to the big screen
  • create safe spaces for the LGBT2Q+ community to share & celebrate

Thank you for supporting Out On Screen.


About Vancouver Queer Film Festival

The 30th Annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival | August 9-19, 2018 | queerfilmfestival.ca VancouverQFF @queerfilmfest #VQFF2017 | 778-875-8363 | boxoffice@outonscreen.com