Center of My World (Die Mitte der Welt)

Phil returns to his small provincial hometown after his summer holidays to find his family is stranger than ever. His sister barely speaks to him, and his whimsical mother has managed to become even more eccentric. Alienated at home, Phil hangs close to his boisterous best friend Kat. But when the crush-worthy new kid at school, Nicholas, takes an interest in Phil, Kat grows cagey and possessive. The combined complexities of family, friendship, and first love soon demand that Phil grow into adulthood and self-awareness.

  • Jakob M Erwa
  • 115 minutes
  • This quintessential queer coming-of-age story is artfully rendered with photo collages, childhood flashbacks, cinematic jump cuts, fun pop-song montages, creatively shot love scenes, and other visual treats. In 2016, Center of My World won the Best Feature Award at the Florence International Queer Festival and the Audience Choice Award at the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival.


    Center of My World (Die Mitte der Welt) | Jakob M Erwa | Germany | 2016 | 115 min | German with English subtitles


    Screening Sponsors: English Bay Swim Club, James Goodman

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