Taxi Stories

Doris Yeung’s sophomore feature may be the most ambitious, nuanced film of the Festival. Filmed in three different countries, Taxi Stories tells the story of a closeted cab driver in Beijing, a trophy wife with her Indonesian maid in Hong Kong, and a young pedi-cab driver in Jakarta. In the making, Yeung wore three different hats—writer, director, and executive producer—to ensure her inquiry into the growing divide between the social and cultural classes in Asia was handled with integrity and vision. This career defining film is deeply personal to Yeung, who says, “My work often deals with cross cultural migrant stories of home, identity, family, and sexuality as I [myself] am a product of different cultures.”

  • Doris Yeung
  • 95 minutes
  • While Taxi Stories features 80% non-actors to give it a hyper-realistic feel, the film also boasts leading roles by renowned Hong Kong actress Petrina Fung Bo Bo and Indonesian pop star Shanty.


    Taxi Stories | Doris Yeung | China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Netherlands | 2017 | 98 min | English, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese with English subtitles


    Director in attendance

    Canadian Premiere


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