VQFF Watch Party: Handsome Devil

After 11-days of laughing, crying, learning and connecting, come close the Festival with a feel-good comedy. Picture Dead Poets Society meets Glee at a Rugby obsessed Irish boy's boarding school. In Handsome Devil, lanky, red-haired misfit, Ned, sticks out glaringly among his macho peers. Ned copes with everyday bullying by keeping to himself, until the rugby team’s newest star athlete, Conor, moves into his dorm room. Gradually, the loner and the jock form an unlikely friendship—one that teaches them to both care for and challenge one another in ways they never thought possible. The film also offers satisfying sub-plot in the story of closeted English teacher, Dan Sherry (Andrew Scott of Pride and Sherlock), who struggles to support Ned and Conor while trying not to out himself. Writer and director John Butler successful shows the true threats of homophobia for youth and adults, while keeping the narrative decidedly optimistic. Winner of the Dublin Film Critics Circle Award in 2016, John Butler’s sophomore

  • John Butler
  • 95 minutes
  • PG
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The Vancouver Queer Festival is a vibrant space for queer arts, culture, and community. It showcases dynamic and thought-provoking films from British Columbian filmmakers as well as other Canadian and international directors and storytellers.

The Festival curates films which contextualize and celebrate queer lives and experiences and prioritize foregrounding diverse identities in our communities, including narratives from trans people, queer people of colour, and Indigenous people. It is Western Canada’s largest queer arts event.

Join us for the 32nd Annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival
August 13-23, 2020