The Golden Age of Jazz - A Robert Wyatt Lecture

Jazz music is now more than a century old and any of the turbulent periods through which the art form has passed could be accurately justified as having been a 'Golden Age'. The music's incubation in New Orleans, its travel up to Chicago, the Swing era, and the Be-bop revolution all occurred within the relatively brief time frame of sixty or so years, each successive style having its ardent believers and its cynical detractors. This was the age of classic Jazz, an era in which the originators and leading lights of the music's development co-existed side by side with some of its finest consolidators, the years in which the jazz message travelled all over the United States from New Orleans to Chicago, to New York, Los Angeles and beyond.

  • 60 minutes
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About Falmouth Jazz

We bring top international level jazz artists to Falmouth, the kind of performers you hear in New York, Boston or major jazz clubs around the world. We hold concerts in interesting places like an historic mansion, an art gallery or a renovated 125-year old library. All provide an intimate listening experience.